Thursday, March 13, 2014

Five for Friday and a HUGE giveaway

Whoa … seriously. Check out that post title. Sound busy? Yep! I know; we've got a lot going on today, so it's really great that you stopped by! Welcome to a really-special-oh-so-exciting Friday at the Tally Tales!
As usual, I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs today! :)
  • First of all, have you noticed any changes around the blog lately? I've been working on a bit of a "face lift" around here, and my favorite part (I think) is the new header. Check out a little before and after:
What do you think? Are you a fan of the changes?
  • Next, I have not one -but TWO new TPT products to share!
The first one is a "Literature Circles Roles and Activities" packet. I created this product mainly because I needed it. I have students who are beyond needing me to hold their hands daily in a small, guided reading group. They're past it, and I think a literature circle will be an exciting way to motivate them to become more independent with their reading and reading response activities each day. This packet has everything you need to get started… except for the books, of course. ;)

"Learning about Life Cycles" is an expanded version of a previously-existing TPT product. I still have the original product for sale, and if you just need a few basic language-integrated activities to support your instruction with life cycles, then that mini packet is fine for you! However, if you want more… this product is more appropriate. I truly wanted this product to revolve around science content, with a variety of language skills integration. One thing I like the most about this product is that it contains suggested reading for paired fiction and nonfiction texts related to the life cycles concept, as well as class activities to do with those texts. (Again, this product does not include the actual texts.) 

  • To make it even better, starting TODAY both of these products are available in a special GIVEAWAY. Choose any (or all) of the entry options below, and enter the chance to win both of these new Tally Tales TPT products! If you choose to become a Tally Tales follower through through any -or all- of the available options, please make sure you enter your profile name or username for each account so that I can follow you back! :) A winner will be announced next Wednesday, March 19th, so if you are really interested, you have several days to continue earning entry points to win!