Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Mantel Project: A Mix of Old, New, & DIY

Earlier last fall, I shared a little snippet of our progress in creating a home-made mantel shelf above our tv. I was so proud to finally have a shelf on the wall… but since then, I have been constantly decorating and redecorating that shelf in an attempt to get it just right. 

The holidays were simple; it's fairly easy to decorate a space with seasonal items. Once the holidays ended, however, my angst began. (Does anyone else get this dramatic over home decor?) I'm not sure whether there were just too many options, or I was just overwhelmed with my own indecisiveness toward this small space. Either way; I could not get it right

At this point, I think I might have finally found a design with which I can be content. For now.

These are the original images of the complete shelf once we finished installing it several months ago. 
Today, our mantel looks like this...

So I thought I would share a few details about this little project and the combinations that pulled the whole thing together.
The set of books is an old Ernest Hemingway collection that used to belong to my great aunt. These are the books that have that old book smell when you open them. I may be one of the few people remaining today who still appreciates that characteristic of books.
We received both, the platter and the lantern, as wedding gifts, and they just belong on display.
You may remember this little project from one of my earlier DIY tutorials: Rustic Photo Display. I don't think the mantel would be complete without this as the centerpiece.

What do you think? Do you combine old, new, and DIY items when you decorate?