Wednesday, April 9, 2014

All About Plants: What is your favorite?

We are transitioning from a weather/water cycle theme to focus on plant life cycles as well at this point. Similar to our study of weather, I love the opportunities for real-life application with this topic. Plants are starting to bloom all around us, and those little inquisitive minds love knowing the hows and whys of this world around us.

We began our plants study with a little class survey to determine our favorite types of plants. I am so grateful to The First Grade Parade for providing the materials for this activity. My graph was not nearly as cute as Cara's, but I tried! ;)

Each student selected his/her favorite type of plant and colored the clip art graphic.

Then, they added their own graphics to the graph in the appropriate column.

This is our finished graph! Isn't it colorful?!?

Our results were consistent with flowers, trees, and fruits being favorites, but vegetables trailing in last. I think those results are definitely accurate!

I am so grateful to The First Grade Parade for sharing this wonderful resource! If you are interested, you can access the same materials here.