Thursday, April 3, 2014

Weather Study: Extreme Weather

As I have recently shared, our firsties are studying all things weather. Today, I am continuing to share some of the activities we have used lately with our study of extreme weather as well as links to some additional resources that may be helpful for you if you are teaching this topic as well. I will continue to share different aspects of our weather study, but it will take multiple posts to cover it all … there's so much to learn and do! :)

Tornadoes have been a particular favorite among the different types of extreme weather for my students. Can you find a few spelling words among the swirling debris in this tornado??
It has been so easy to motivate them to read this week. Apparently, a book with pictures and details about extreme, dangerous weather is a captivating text for these youngsters.

Our reading skill has focused on comparing and contrasting information. This has easily translated into their independent reading, and we have used double-bubble thinking maps to compare and contrast different types of extreme weather. 
Last, but not least, we created our own tornado in a bottle. Our "ingredients" list was simple: water, dishwashing liquid, and "debris" (Easter basket grass). Mix it all together
 Then watch it twist, turn, and swirl in the bottle! 
I readily admit that my pictures are not the best… but it's hard to make a swirling tornado and take a picture at the same time. Nevertheless, it really did look like a tornado, other than in my pictures!

Are you tired of hearing about extreme weather now? I think I'm finally finished. I hope you have been able to pull a good idea or two from our weather study!