Wednesday, April 30, 2014

After the Storm… #PrayforMississippi

Source: Ann Voskamp, Facebook share
Hi friends! So sorry for the absence recently. As a result of the tornadoes that swept through our little corner of the state earlier this week, I have been without cable/internet. Therefore, my blogging has been on hold. I am beyond grateful to report that our family and house are all safe and in tact. Other than power outages, we have felt very little effect from the storms in our home. I have been determined not to even let myself think of the inconvenience of no power, internet, or cable in light of what some have experienced this week.

Source: Facebook Share
I have had time to meditate on these storms, and I do intend to share my thoughts with you soon. For now, I just wanted to let you know that I'm here, all is well, and the people of our state covet your prayers at this time. Any of you who have experienced nature's wrath in this context understand all too well the time, healing, and endurance required to recover from this wreckage.

If you are curious, you can view a slideshow of aerial photos of the Tupelo tornado damage here.

I'm so happy to be connected with you again!