Tuesday, May 13, 2014

DIY: Tung Oil Furniture Restore

Today's do-it-yourself isn't so much about creating as it is about touching up.
I recently tried a new product to help restore my front porch rockers, which have really taken a beating from the direct sunlight that hits our porch most of the day. When I originally purchased the rockers, I used a clear spray-on wood sealer to help protect them. However, at this point, they were looking a bit rough around the edges…
So. Who already knows about this stuff? While watching an HGTV show recently (Sorry; I can't remember which one), the host mentioned using Tung Oil to seal, protect, and restore a piece of wooden furniture. I thought, well, there's an idea...
So I headed to Lowe's to purchase my own batch of Tung Oil and got to work on those rockers! I wore gloves and used an old cloth to apply the Tung Oil generously to the wood.
You can see the immediate contrast between sides with and without the tung oil application.
It took some time, and all those grooves made for a tedious project. Still, I think you can see a noticeable difference in the before-and-after pictures.
I replaced the seat cushions, and all in all, I think this was a decent little touch-up!

I hope this little tung-oil tip is helpful if you have a piece of wooden furniture that needs a touch-up! :)