Thursday, May 8, 2014

Five For Friday: May 9, 2014

Happy Friday, friends! We are really counting down the weeks now - only two weeks of school left for me! Every day, I feel as though there's so much I still need to do… can anyone else relate to that feeling? Oh well, here's a small recap from this week...

We have been working on writing compound sentences lately, and this activity has been such a hit with my kids! 

To complete this center, the students will create ants by combining three parts of the ant body to build a compound sentence. The first and third body parts contain sentences, while the middle part contains a conjunction. After building the ant, the students will write the compound sentence correctly on the recording sheet, which is also provided within this product. My kids have loved these little ants, and it has been a great tool for helping them understand how compound sentences are built. If interested, you can access this product in the Tally Tales TPT store

In another center, we have been creating our own insects. I have been SO proud of my students' work on this activity. They created their own bug, and then they wrote to describe the bug's name, physical appearance, and any special characteristics. I may be partial, but it was so difficult for me to choose just a few to feature here. Aren't they great?!?

Our curriculum story this week has been Dot and Jabber and the Big Bug Mystery. As an extension activity, the students created their own Dot (or Jabber) and wrote a "How-to-catch-a-bug" passage. Each student chose which type of bug they wanted to catch, and they produced some sweet little writing selections!

For one center craft, the students were going to make fingerprint bugs. Great idea, right? It would have been, if I had been so prepared as to actually have ink pads in the classroom. We improvised like champs, though. Washable markers work just as well as ink pads, apparently… ;)

Last -but certainly not least- earlier this week, I received a large, complimentary package from I opened it up to find these huge rolls of colorful burlap fabric, and I can hardly believe how lucky I am to receive such a treasure! How generous is that?!? I cannot wait to dive into a few projects with this once school is out! :)