Wednesday, May 21, 2014

You "Color" our First-Grade World: Student Gift Tags *Freebie!*

So I have an incredible assistant teacher, who took it upon herself to recycle some of our crayons by melting them to make large, round crayons in a muffin pan. Have you ever heard of doing this?? If this is new to you, I suggest you visit either  Pink and Green Mama or Intimate Weddings for detailed instructions and tutorials.

She did such a fantastic job of this, so we decided to send some of the recycled crayons home with the kiddos as end-of-the-year gifts. I made these gift tags, which feature the slogan "You color our first-grade world" to attach to their gifts. They are available in several different color patterns, so you could cater them to fit boys or girls if you want to do so.

The instructions are simple...

And there you have it!
If you are interested in using these, this is another freebie, available in the Tally Tales TPT store!