Tuesday, June 24, 2014

My Dilemma: Packing for the Mountains AND Beach

I would say that we have several trips planned for the summer, but in reality, they are more like small excursions all clustered together into one mass of travel. It's exciting, and I'm looking forward to it, but with that comes a few packing dilemmas. Within a week, we will cover ground from the beach to the mountains (and a few stops in between). That variety is awesome, but how, exactly, do you pack for such diversity in one trip?!? I'm not leaving tomorrow, so I don't really have a solid plan in mind yet. However, here are a few resources that have been helpful for me. Just sharing in case you need some packing advice as well!

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Source: Nest of Posies
Whether you need packing advice or not, you should pay a visit to Nest of Posies. This blog is adorable! Not only that, but she has some great advice to share (like taking pictures of outfits as you plan so you don't forget or lose track of items as the pre-travel madness sets in).

Source: designstiles
This article contains a concise-but-helpful list of reminders. I really love that she reiterates the usefulness in planning outfits because it helps reduce over-packing. Which I do. A lot. I'm pretty sure that hint was written just for me. ;)

Source: You Brew My Tea: 10 Tips for an Easy Road Trip
I love her #'s 4 and 5. I have snacks set aside and ready, but this reminder is always good! Also, I like the idea of having a grab bag in the trunk of various necessities you may need along the way, but you can't necessarily pack in your suitcase.

Source: All Women Stalk, 8 Beneficial Packing Tips for Your Next Trip...
#3 is a great tip. It will require planning, but that's something I need to do anyway -especially for travel like ours! I like the idea of rotating articles through outfits, rather than packing a separate outfit for every day. That's much less cumbersome. Along the same line, #8 is wise. Choosing corresponding colors allows you to be well-coordinated without packing a ton of accessories and color options.

If you are preparing for a trip of your own anytime soon, happy packing!