Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Our Latest DIY Project: Deck Restore

Notice the "our" in the title? It really should say "my husband's" because I did very little of the work on this project. I'm mainly sharing because this product turned out to be a wonderful investment for our home, and I thought our (his) experience might be helpful for some of you.

Our back deck was in serious need of a bit of restoration. The wood was splintered and weathered, and it just needed some TLC. We found this product at Lowe's…
You can use this on patios, decks, sidewalks, etc, and it can be used on either wood or concrete. Here are some before-and-after pictures from our project!

Here are a few more angles, going down the stairs.

You can tell from this picture that this stain leaves a textured finished on the wood. It definitely fills in all those cracks and holes in the wood, and when it dries, it almost feels like walking on solid, stable sand. I'm not sure you would have exactly the same result on new, smooth wood, but I love the effect it gave our weathered deck.

You may also notice that the finish on the railing is not quite the same as the finish on the floorboards of the deck. You do have to purchase a different stain for railings, but they will color-match it, so the only difference between the two surfaces is the texture.

Okay, here are final before-and-after shots of the complete, once finished… Did I mention that this was a really, really big project??? Whew!

We did use two coats on everything, and there's a specific technique for applying the paint. You will also need a heavy-duty roller to apply the paint. Even with that, we wore the first one out and had to go back to purchase a second one! Your typical paint roller just won't handle this very well.

What do you think? I will say that this is a slow process, and it's not an easy task to undertake. The hubs watched a few how-to videos to learn the technique, and it was certainly tedious. However, the outcome really is great, and we are so glad to have a surface that will help preserve our deck for quite a few years.

Here's a great how-to video to help you get started if you are interested!