Saturday, July 19, 2014

DIY: Picture Slideshow Tutorial

For quite some time, I have wanted an easy, quick way to create a slideshow that will easily embed within a blog post. You may already know how to do this -it's always possible that I'm way behind everyone else. Still, I found an option that worked really well for me, and I wanted to share it with you  in case, like me, you still need to know how to do this.

If you visited yesterday, you viewed my slideshow for Christmas wreaths recently added to our Tally Tales Etsy Store. Today, I want to show you how I created it.

I used cincopa to create my gallery slideshow. As you can see below, you can create various media types through this site. Make sure you select "slideshow" if that's the project you want to create.

Next, select the skin you want to use. The "skin" basically means the presentation for your slideshow. Each skin features a different style, or format, for the presentation. They have quite a few from which to choose, and you can preview each one before you actually make a selection. 

Once you have selected the skin, you can customize it to fit your preferences. You should add all details for title and description, mainly to help you organize and manage the galleries you create. You can also change the width and effects on your slideshow. The "effect" is simply the way your pictures transition from one to another throughout the slideshow.

Add your pictures by either dragging and dropping them into the upload box or by manually choosing which files to upload. 
Each photo will appear with its own details box that features an upload progress bar as well as options for you to create a caption, add tags, or write a description. Personally, I did not include any of this information for my photos, but depending on the skin you choose, you may want more text to appear in your slideshow. I kept it simple. ;)

After customizing your photos (or not), simply submit the information for the final step! Your gallery will be created, which you can easily preview. If you are satisfied, you are only a couple of steps away from adding your slideshow to your blog! Make sure you choose the correct format for the embed data. As you can see, this tool works for both Wordpress and Blogger, as well as a variety of other media sites.

Once you click "copy," a note will appear to let you know that you have saved the embed code to your clipboard. Simply paste it into the HTML page on your blogger post, wherever you want your slideshow to appear. 

It is literally that easy! 

Another thing I like about this slideshow is that it will appear and function when you are in "preview" mode for your blog post. So, if you create your post and click "preview," you should be able to view the entire post along with the fully-functioning slideshow.

I hope this little tutorial is helpful! Happy blogging! :)