Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Summer Travel: Part 1

Hello everyone! Did you think I had completely deserted the blog world? Not quite… I've just been doing a lot of traveling lately! Here are a few updates from the first part of our trip.

We made a quick visit to Hot Springs, Arkansas for my best friend's wedding, and that was beautiful. Check out this view from our cabin balcony…
Isn't that blissful?

The bride and I went for a sweet little scenic ride on her scooter. I think it's quite possible that everyone needs to go for a scoot every now and then. 
Sadly, our time there was limited, because Russ and I had to take off to Orange Beach, Alabama. He spent most of his time working at a conference, but this was my scene…

 Pirates, anyone???
We did spend one night at The Wharf, which is such a neat, fun area. There are plenty of restaurants, shops, and activity options. It really is a great location for all ages. I think the ferris wheel was my favorite attraction.

The best part of this trip is still to come, so check back for Part 2 soon! :)