Friday, July 25, 2014

Teacher Tip: Command Hooks and Bulletin Board Trim

During my first year of teaching, I got so frustrated with digging through bulletin board trim. There was never a really good way to organize it or a good place to store it.

I know, I know; they sell those long, slender boxes with the divider tabs… but those are only good if you have a great place to store the box as well. I did not.

To be honest, I don't really like those boxes, either. A cardboard box just looks like a good place for a spider to decide to hang out.

But maybe that's just me… Either way, I figured out a method for storing some of those pesky not-so-easy to organize materials, such as bulletin board trim.

This is my solution. All you need are a few of these little Command Hooks.
We have these great, tall closets in our classrooms. I simply attach a few of the Command hooks to the inside of one door.
 Just a few of these makes a great little hanging station for smaller items.
To make items, such as bulletin board trim, easy to hang, simply clamp one of these little steel clips onto the end of the trim, or the plastic containing the trim...
… and it's ready to hang neatly on the hook!
So, that's all! Hang several border types to each hook. All of your borders will be easily organized, without taking up a lot of precious space in your classroom.
I've only begun organizing my cabinet, so things are still a little out-of-place, but my bulletin board trim is easily stored! 
Obviously, you could apply this concept to any spare space, even if you don't have a cabinet like mine. I hope this gives you an easy organizational tip that you can use in your classroom! :)