Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Vintage Door Refinish & Sliding Barn Door Install

Hey friends!!! Are you surprised to hear from me? I promise I am still around. With our basement renovation, back-to-school busy-ness, AND our baby on-the-way, I have been a bit distracted from the blogging world lately. I am so sorry to those of you who usually hear from me on your blogs; I can't tell you the last time I sat down to blog hop and comment. I promise to visit again eventually! :)

I have managed to snap a few pictures here and there along the way, and I want to share some of our progress with you. This project is particularly dear to me. (Forgive the poor pictures; the lighting hasn't been the best to work with at times.)

So I started out with this door from my grandparents' home. It is at least eighty years old, and I really wanted to preserve it somehow as a feature in our home. I sanded down past the aging crinkle and crackle of the original paint. Surprisingly, much of the original coat remained, along with a real, authentic weathered look.

I lined all the edges of the center rectangles with painter's tape…
and filled the space with this rich chocolate-brown color that would blend well with the already existing cracks and aged hardware.
I removed the tape and coated the edges with a polyurethane coat. I really wanted to keep the original color on the door as well, and the polyurethane provided a nice finish to seal and protect the door from any future peeling.
Last, we (my father and husband… I really had nothing to do with this part!) installed the door on a sliding barn door mount. You can find these barn door installation kits at most of your standard hardware/home improvement stores, but I actually ordered ours from Amazon. It was about a third of the cost, and worked perfectly for us. I can't speak for heavier door models, and I'm not sure how well this would really hold up outside on an actual barn, but for our indoor, small-door use, it was perfect!
So there's a quick glimpse at some of the changes we have going on around here. We aren't finished yet, but we are getting close! I'll try to post room pictures soon! 

I hope you blogger friends are doing well! :)