Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Now Available: Beginning Consonant Blends Mega-Pack

The Beginning Consonant Blends MegaPack: Bingo, Stories, Poems, Sorts, & Much More! is now available in the Tally Tales TPT store. I intended to share details about this product a couple of months ago, when I actually finished it, but that didn't quite happen. This blends mega pack is the biggest product I have created so far, and I am excited to share a few details about it here.

In all, it contains activities that include s-blends, r-blends, l-blends, w-blends, and trigraphs (you may refer to them as clusters). All of the activities within the product range in difficulty, so the entire packet would be useful, whether you are working with beginning readers who are just starting to learn about blends, or with more advanced readers who need extended practice or review. I really wanted to create a product that would provide options for use with a variety of age groups or learning styles. I intend to use it myself, and since I work with students of all ages, I need products that are easily adaptable or differentiated.

Here are details and preview images of some of the activities available within this product.
  • Word list reference guides for each blend type as well as flashcards with images and text blends beneath each image
  •  Bingo games for each blend type with materials (spinners and game cards) for up to four players
  • Picture cards for a blend matching activity that may be used with either clothespins or dry-erase markers (if laminated) 
  •  Cut-and-paste practice pages
  • Sorting activities and tree map organizers on which students can record results from the sorts.
  •  Differentiated reading passages that feature each blend type.
I think I am most pleased with the reading passages. I composed them all myself, and once again, they are differentiated to meet the needs of readers at various stages of development. Short poetry samples are included for younger or more dependent readers, while longer reading passages are more suitable for intermediate readers. I also included drill word cards that correspond to each reading passage. This is intended to provide an opportunity for students to practice fluency with beginning blends within a reading context, thereby extending application slightly beyond isolated blend activities.

If interested, you can access this entire packet here! As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to share those with me.