Monday, April 6, 2015

On the Menu: Coconut Oil Biscuits

Okay, friends, I have a new "healthy" obsession: Gimme Some Oven has an incredible recipe for 3-ingredient Coconut Oil Biscuits, and you have to check it out. This is one of those recipes that I pinned ages ago, but just recently actually got around to baking, and I really wish I had tried them sooner. These biscuits are so tasty, and they really are three-ingredients-easy to make. You get the made-from-scratch, clean-eating experience without much hassle at all. I get to make just enough of a mess with these biscuits (a big enough mess to feel like I've done something significant in the kitchen, but not so much that I am afraid to attempt the recipe again…)

I'm intentionally leaving the recipe out of this post so you will visit her blog and get all of the information there. I promise it's worth the online trip! Also, if you want to save the information, please make sure you pin from Gimme Some Oven, rather than any of my images. Have fun!