Thursday, April 16, 2015

What a Difference One Month can Make!

I feel like I just posted Ambree Kate's two-month update, and here were are again with another month gone by. It has certainly been a busy month, though! This little girl continues to captivate us as she grows and changes a little bit every day. Check out the difference a month has made…

Isn't that incredible?!?

Here's a quick recap of this past month!

I went back to work. It really was a bittersweet experience because I was so glad to see my sweet students again, but leaving our little girl has been pretty rough. I won't lie; there were tears shed. However, walking into my classroom to find this precious "Welcome Back" sign waiting for me made the first day back a little better.

And coming home to do this every day is definitely an experience that I am treasuring.

This little girl seems to be full of smiles these days! She loves to coo, and she is rather expressive. I can't get enough of these smiles.

She has become far more aware of her surroundings in the past month. She loves the mobile on her crib. At first, we just let her spend a little time there each day to get used to it, but it wasn't long before she was ready for new sleeping space at night. So she has now transitioned to sleeping in her crib through the nights.

Her first night was quite an adventure, though. She had a blast wiggling, scooting, and kicking around. The sleeping part came later…

We took her to church for the first time. She did so well during the service! Going to church as a family is such a precious experience. We took our first "family" pictures after the service.

Last, but certainly not least, Ambree Kate also experienced her first Easter this month. I love taking this sweet baby to church, but there was something extra special about having her there on such a holy day. It will be years before she comes to fully understand the reason we celebrate Easter, but this mama felt extra blessed to start sharing the occasion with her now.