Sunday, June 14, 2015

5 months!

Someone is five months old today?
 Well, that makes me pretty happy!

:) Here are a few details of the last month of this little darling's life…

Our most recent checkup went well! This girl is growing like crazy! Look at that happy little chunk…!
She absolutely loves being outside. On pretty days, I open the door and sit her where she can see outside. She will sit and stare for quite some time. Of course, her furry big brother likes this as well… 
We have started spoon feeding! So far, she has eaten loved every vegetable she has tried. I don't think this child is going to be a picky eater…
Play time has become much more eventful. Ambree Kate is highly engaged with her little toys now. She loves colors, sounds, and anything she can tug or push a bit.

Play hard, sleep harder. She likes to cuddle with something soft when she sleeps now. I think it's precious to see her hugging this little lamb.