Saturday, June 20, 2015

A Story for Father's Day

Once upon a time there was this boy, who decided to ask a girl to go out on a date. So he did. Time passed, and he realized this girl was the one God had made for him. He asked her to marry him, and they were married on a December day in a little chapel just big enough to hold their family and friends. The preacher spoke, the music played, people smiled, and some might have cried a little. On that day, the boyfriend who had become a fiancĂ© drove away as a husband. 

That girl loved her husband, and that boy loved his wife... 

But rest assured, there are imperfections in even a close-to-perfect relationship. Even when God designs it. Even when you are "made for each other." Nothing is ever so perfect that it's always easy. 

Still, those two kids learned how to love through all that, and one day they decided to let their family grow a little. They prayed for a healthy baby, and God gave them a beautiful baby girl with bright eyes and a glowing smile.

And that boy became a father.

Now this is where the story gets really good. 

Not on the day he proposed or the day he got married... All of that led up to this. This moment when a new daddy met the girl that really would teach him about love and sacrifice and what it meant to love another more than yourself…

Because let's be honest here: until that moment, the tests had been small. The sacrifices had been minor. You just don't realize that until the littlest person rocks your world with the greatest change of all. 

This is where I think our society today gets it wrong... Because so many never get to this point at all. So many people focus on the fiancé and the groom, but those identities are fleeting. Once they pass, you have to love this person in your life- good, bad, and ugly.

But, hey, you...? You teen or tween or whatever the catch-phrase...? Do you know what really looks good on a man? Watching him become the father of your child. 

It's even more amazing when he loves the Lord first, because that's where he'll turn when things turn tough. And that's who he'll praise when life turns out beautiful. And your child will get to grow up, watching faith like that lead your home.

I know, I know. It sounds so... Plain. So boring. But this is true life, true love, and there is nothing mundane about it when you are swept up in living it. The truth is you have been fed so many lies when it comes to love stories. Far too many people spend too much time writing the wrong end of the love story. 

Yes, it's important that the dress is pretty and the day is special. But that day he becomes your husband will pale in comparison to the day he becomes the father of your child... And chances are likely you'll be wearing a dingy hospital gown on what will really be the greatest day of your life.

Because here's the sweet secret to parenthood... When you see your husband become a daddy, you get to fall in love with him all over again. The sad thing is that most often, in Hollywood or the pages of the latest fiction trend, the story ends when the guy gets the girl. In reality, that guy is just getting started.

Our little girl is so lucky, because she is going to grow up in a home where her daddy is determined to keep her Heavenly Father at the core of the home. She is going to hear him pray and see him read the Word. He's that kind of daddy, and he's so worth celebrating- today and always. 

I grew up with that kind of daddy too, and that upbringing led to this... This heritage of holiness that has nothing to do with wedding dresses and glamour and everything to do with love. Real, genuine love that trickles down directly from the Heavenly Father, through the earthly father in the home.

I am beyond grateful to have wonderful fathers in my life, and I am grateful for this day that honors them. Happy Father's Day…!