Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Magic E Fold-and-Read Flap Books

I have a new favorite to share with you! If you teach about "Magic E" (or "Silent E") then you may find these simple, but fun books to be helpful to your instruction with this concept.
These easy-to-use books are ideal for reinforcing reading fluency with Magic E words. Simply print each word and fold along the dotted line to create a “flap” that hides the “e.” The student reads the basic CVC word first. 
Then, he/she opens the flap and rereads the word, altering the vowel sound as needed for the Magic E. 

These books would be suitable for beginner readers who have just been introduced to Magic E, as well as more advanced readers who may require additional practice to build proficiency with this particular skill.

A full pack of Magic E fold-and-read flap books is now available in the Tally Tales TPT store!

 This product includes not only basic CVC words with Magic E … 
…  but also words with beginning blends and Magic E … 
… as well as words with a "soft G" sound combined with Magic E. 
Additionally, the product includes blank templates for you (or your students) to create your own Magic E fold-and-read flap books if necessary. 
Please feel free to visit the Tally Tales TPT store to access this product, along with other resources for your classroom instruction.