Thursday, June 11, 2015

Stamp the Alphabet

If you are looking for an engaging, simple activity to promote alphabet knowledge among beginning readers and writers, try a "stamp the alphabet" exercise. I used this particular one with a group of Kindergarten students to review uppercase/lowercase letter matchup as well as letter order. They stamped the entire alphabet, but you could choose to focus only on smaller segments or even individual letters if that would be more appropriate for your students.
You just need a set of alphabet stamps, ink pads, and paper. I love these stamps because one set contains uppercase letters, while the other set contains the corresponding lowercase letters. I received these particular stamps through a LETRS training, but you could just as easily find alphabet stamps at a craft store to create your own sets.
I try to let my students be as independent as possible with this activity. We review their work together and note any corrections with highlighters when they are finished. Oftentimes, they find little errors along the way on their own. We draw arrows or marks with "pretty" colors, so mistakes do not seem harsh to them; making corrections is just another part of the activity.