Wednesday, July 1, 2015

TPT Seller Challenge Week 3: Rolling Out the Masterpiece

Today I'm excited to participate in Week 3 of the #TPTSellerChallenge, which is being hosted by Sparkling in Second GradePeppyZestyTeacheristaThird in Hollywood, and Teach, Create, Motivate. This week's challenge focuses on creating a new product…a "masterpiece" for your store. I want to apologize ahead of time, because this post is a bit lengthy. However, if you'll hang in there until the end, I think you'll be glad you did! (ahem, freebie ahead… )

I'm excited to share this one for several reasons. It's been somewhat of an ongoing project of mine since I first shared Word Cubes: Roll and Read Words for all Syllable Types. If you missed that one, you can read more about it here.

I have previously written about how much I love using cubes in my lessons. My instruction focuses on multisensory learning, and cubes are great for those kinesthetic learners who need that extra little chunk of motion to stay engaged in the lesson. That pretty much describes all younger students though, right? So I previously created this product, which contains word cubes for each syllable type. The instructions are the same for each cube; print them (preferably onto cardstock to make them more stable and durable), cut them out, and fold along the external tabs to shape the actual cube. I designed each cube template to be very printer-friendly, so you can easily print all of the activities within the product without worrying about depleting your ink supply. (If only ink was free…)

The fresh part to this is that, in light of this week's #TPTsellerchallenge, I have extended this idea to create four additional Roll-and-Read products, each of which focuses on a different phonics skill. Here's a brief overview of each of those. Feel free to click the link to view the full preview file in the Tally Tales TPT store for more details on each one!

* Word Cubes: Roll and Read Words with Magic E

* Word Cubes: Roll and Read CVC Words (Short Vowel Sounds)

* Word Cubes: Roll and Read Words with Consonant Digraphs (H Brothers)

* Word Cubes: Roll and Read Words with Bossy R

Now, those are the individual products, but this is the part that I consider the "masterpiece"… I compiled them all into my first bundle. That may not be a big deal to most people, but since I've never bundled any of my products before, I am fairly proud of this little milestone for my TPT store.

So you can find all five of these products in the Word Cubes: Roll and Read BUNDLE.

In all, the Bundle product contains 54 word cubes, 4 corresponding "I Can" statement posters, and a blank cube template, which teachers and/or students can customize as needed to fit their instruction.

*** In celebration of this little masterpiece, I am placing the bundle on sale as a freebie until this Friday July 3rd. So if you are interested at all in this one, go ahead and snag it for free here in the Tally Tales TPT store! ***

I tried to be thorough in providing materials that I felt would make these products applicable to a variety of age groups and instructional settings, but these simple little cubes are pretty versatile in application; I'm sure you could find unique ways to use them in your classroom. Regardless, should you choose to incorporate these into your reading instruction, I hope they will be fun, effective activities for your little readers!

So that's it; that's my "masterpiece." What do you think?