Friday, July 17, 2015

6 Months!

This baby cannot be six months old already. That's half of a year. Unbelievable. But it's true; here she is, six months old and full of energy, smiles, and an already-inquisitive nature.

The past month has been a busy one, and it seems like Ambree Kate changes or does something slightly new every day. It's hard to keep up with her at times!

She went swimming for the first time this summer. She loved her little float, and she kicked her way all over the place.

She loves being outside, and she loves the water, so I think we are in for years of fun summers ahead. :)
She went to the church nursery for the first time. She has been to church, but we just weren't quite ready for the nursery yet. By we, naturally, I mean I wasn't ready. First time mom, here; I'll admit it. I just couldn't turn her loose for the nursery time yet. By some miracle, I hit a mommy milestone, though, and finally reached the point where I thought I could handle it.

Ambree Kate was in wonderful hands there, and they already had her crib area ready just for her when we got there! I am so grateful to attend a church that provides such wonderful childcare options, and I look forward to handing our baby over to them on Sundays now. 

Did I mention that this little girl is very active???

She grabs her toes…
… and practices walking...
… and tries to sit up on her own … (she's almost there!)
… and every day is finished off with at least a couple of bedtime stories.

She did slow down just a little for her first ear infection. It was pitiful to see her feel so poorly.
On the plus side, we have enjoyed lots of nap time snuggles. I even managed to get some of my summer reading done, and it was definitely sweeter with this doll cuddled up against me. 
Eventually, that smile returned, and I am happy to report that she is feeling much better now!

Hopefully, this next month will hold just as many fun moments without any ear infections or colds! Fingers crossed for a healthy baby and a successful back-to-school transition. Where has the summer gone?!?