Thursday, August 6, 2015

Spelling Words with -ng and -nk: An Original Tale and More!

As previously described, I am gradually developing a variety of phonics-based resources within The Tally Tales TPT store. You are welcome to peruse the product listings within the store. However, I often find it to be helpful to see a bit more detail/description of the products, rather than the snippets provided within the TPT listing. Blog posts about products are always helpful to me. You may not find this post to be helpful, but if you are looking for resources to support this particular skill, then I hope you will gain something from descriptions of my new product here.
This new TPT product has been a baby of mine for a while, and I'm excited to showcase it today. If your phonics instruction is skill-specific, you might benefit from incorporating this product into your classroom.  My favorite part about this one is that it includes an original story that I wrote to help students retain the concept of spelling with -ng and -nk. My students really enjoy lessons in which I incorporate tales that help bring letters to life for them. I usually just make them up as I go along, but I am hoping to include them in TPT products more often in the future. I really had fun with this one! ;) 

Here's a little sneak peak for you...
What do you think? Is it off to a good start? The rest of the tale is in the product, along with quite a few additional resources that might be helpful if you are teaching this skill. I created a general plan for using the materials as well.
Here's a snapshot preview of the whole product, but you can also view the preview file here in the Tally Tales TPT store for a closer look at each component of the resource.
Beyond the details of the product itself, each page contains a Tally Tales copyright statement. Additionally, I included my new Terms of Use and Credits page at the end. Both of these are little tips I learned more about through the TPT Seller Challenge this summer, so I am excited to have applied what I learned.

Oh, one more thing: I have updated my TPT store to feature a clickable banner image that links back to the Tally Tales blog! (Another tip from the TPT Seller Challenge… I am so grateful for the wealth of knowledge shared by so many amazing TPT sellers out there!) Check it out, and let me know what you think! :)