Sunday, August 23, 2015

Back to School: Management System Follow-up!

I previously described my reevaluation of my clip-chart system for behavior management in my classroom. If you missed it, you can access it here. The concept is simple: each group has their own clip. Positive choices (as a whole) move them up the chart; negative choices move them down. I have color-coded prize buckets that correspond to each level, and on Fridays, students visit the bucket that corresponds to their clip placement.

My problem with this was that the students, to this point, had invested nothing in this management system. It was mine; not theirs. So this year, they are building on it in a way that personalizes it, thereby making it more relevant for them. As a back-to school activity, we discussed each level of the chart, and students shared ideas on post-it notes about what it means to be "Ready to Learn" or "Good" and all the way to "Outstanding." I love this because it has aligned student expectations to our clip chart. Plus it gives me specific behavior standards by which to measure their time spent with me each day throughout the year. Double bonus.

I want to follow up with details about my students' choices, and our completed "thought bubbles" for the different levels of our clip chart. Here are a couple of images of the completed (so far) project. I'm sure we will add to this throughout the year as new ideas or situations arise.
To add to this system, each class chose a special name for their group. They did such a good job working together to make each decision, and the names they chose are really cute. Normally I use numbers to identify each group on the behavior chart. I wrote their group names on labels and added those to the clips to further personalize this management chart for them.
Their group names are also listed on my pocket chart schedule for class times...
... and on the banner of my door sign.
It has been exciting for me to see how well my students responded to this. Several of them wanted to take it even further and create new names for themselves in my class. I think we'll just stick to class names for now... This teacher is not so skilled as to learn two names for each child! ;)