Sunday, October 18, 2015

Using Rules Posters to Foster Student Learning

I try to provide a lot of visual reference materials throughout my classroom for my students. We use rules posters, thinking maps, and graphic organizers to display literacy rules and reminders throughout the room. Most of my students are so familiar with them that they know exactly where to look when they need to remember a particular spelling pattern or simply check the direction of their b or d. One of their favorite posters is my "Never, Ever" rules poster. I thought I would share it here with you today.

The concept for this poster is simple: it contains several frequent spelling errors or phonics patterns that students find to be particularly troublesome. I refer to it during instructional lessons, and students use it when they are writing independently as well. Obviously, my "Never, Ever" poster contains literacy-based content, but I'm sure this concept could easily be adapted to fit multiple other content areas.
What are some "Never, Ever" guidelines you could display as a reference for your students?