Thursday, January 28, 2016

Winter Word Work: Sight Word Snowball Toss

I intended to share this idea earlier, but there's still plenty of winter (and indoor recess days) to put this little tactic to good use! I came across the "Sight Word Snowball Toss" at Growing Book by Book, and it's just a genius idea. I'll readily admit: her version is way cooler than mine... her snowballs are made with socks, so they look "real," and her kids made forts, which would be awesome...

But I recycled used printer paper to make into "snowballs," and I used a miniature laundry basket as my "target." I didn't show my students her version, so they don't know I'm cutting corners here.

And did I mention that they LOVE this...?!?

This is how my version works: I pour all the snowballs out on my table, and I set my timer to 20 seconds. For 20 whole seconds, the students just get to toss the snowballs and try to get as many into the basket as they can. Then they gather all of the "missed" shots from the floor and put them back on the table for round two. Meanwhile, I empty the basket onto the floor, and they return to collect as many snowballs as they can hold. Each student has to read the sight words on the snowballs before putting them back into the basket. Then they get to try to toss the remaining snowballs into the basket for another 20 seconds. This time, however, the basket is partially full from round one, so it's a bit more challenging. We repeat the process, and they read the new snowballs, plus the originals from the first 20 seconds.

Does that make sense? You could easily adapt this to fit the content you are teaching. For me, it's an awesome quick little activity that gets them moving and reading. You can never read sight words too many times, and my students are so eager to read them with this activity. This has been a great, fun activity for us so far this winter, and let's face it; these may very well be the only snowballs we see in Mississippi for a while...

Maybe we should build a sight word snowman next!!!