Monday, April 4, 2016

I Can Statements for Phonemic Awareness & Phonics Skills

My class revolves around multisensory instruction for reading and spelling skills. Since I work with students with dyslexic tendencies, I focus heavily on phonics and phonemic awareness skills. This year, I created a common format for displaying "I can" statements for all of my center-based activities. Here are a few of the "I can" posters currently on display in my classroom...
Throughout the year, I have accumulated quite a collection of "I can" statements.
I made a hanging file folder for these alone, so I pull them as needed, depending on the activities I have planned for my students each week. I love having these available and ready to go at all times!
You can now access all of these, and more in the Tally Tales TPT store here! However, I should probably tell you that the ones in the TPT product are cuter than the ones in my classroom; they have colorful, striped backgrounds. :) Here are preview snapshots of some of the posters included in the full pack.
Hop on over to the Tally Tales store and grab a pack of read-to-use "I can" statements for your phonics-based activities!